Costumes Rules

updated 2/6/2014

**This page with be updated frequently as new rules are released.  Please check all rules by clicking on links below or reading below and check with Rebecca Brady Campbell before finalizing a design for your costume.**

The link below has clarification of the make-up ruling.

Costumes_Website Feb 2014 update feb 3

Costume Rules Updated January 2014

The link above has new rules regarding make-up on dancers under the age of 10 and individuals names or initials on any and all costumes.



Here are the new solo costume guidelines for all U8 and U9 dancers in the Mid America region as of January 2012:


The dress may be one piece or two pieces

No animal prints

No low cut necklines

No decorations including rhinestones or sequins of any kind.

No reflective fabric / (this does not include satin)

No embellishments.

Base material and appliqué materials must be solid colors

(No plaids, stripes, patterns, flowers or reflective materials).

Any embroidery and appliqué used on the dress must be of a traditional nature.

Length must comply with An Coimisiun

No Jewelry

Plain Satin Bows in the hair are allowed but bows may not be attached to the

Dress or used for a cape.

Plain colored satins that do not include sequins, glitter, or crystals are permitted

Buckles are allowed on shoes that do not include rhinestones
  All current school costumes are Grandfathered into the rule regardless of threads

or materials. All rhinestones would need to be removed. (Jan 2012)

All of the above applies to headpieces, socks and shoes.

This is for Boy and Girl Solo Championships and Traditional Set Competitions

The above Rule was approved to include the Under 9 age group (Jan 2012)

Mary McGing Duckworth
Regional Director IDTAMA-

********Please make a note of the above changes (including the U9 dancers) and refer to Rebecca Brady Campbell  before purchasing or designing your solo costume.