Brady Campbell Costumes and Rules

As a Brady Campbell dancer you will start with a simple costume.  This beginner costume can be worn for dance outs and feiseanna.

Beginner Costume requirements:


Black turtleneck leotard and trinity knot skirt

The new beginner costume is the black leotard and trinity knot skirt with lime green/black bow.  All three items are obtained from Rebecca when your dancer is ready to compete. We also ask that you purchase white poodle socks to wear with the appropriate soft shoes and hard shoes if applicable.


The jumper is now in limited availability.  The preferred costume is the leotard and skirt described above, however, if you already own a jumper, they are acceptable to wear. You will continue to wear the black BC headband with the jumper.

BC Class Costume

The class costume is needed when your child is advancing to the Novice level.  Pat and Rebecca will also inform you when they think it is a good time to put your child in that dress.


Black slacks  (Flat front with no seam), black socks, black belt, lime green tie (contact Rebecca regarding tie purchase)

Rebecca recommends these custom pants for boys competing at or above the Novice level, or if participating in Ceili*:

Paper & Pins
Judith Starks
(734) 995-4038
When emailing her have these measurements
  • Waist
  • Girth 
  • Hips 
  • Out-seam

Ottoman fabric (lycra stretch)

*The boys costume will remain the same until they enter the Prizewinner division.


Solo Costumes

Solo dresses/vests are made or purchased when your child advances to the Prizewinner division. Please note, all purchases and/or designs need to be presented to Rebecca before made or purchased.  Brady Campbell always wants their dancers to look their best! There are several different rules regarding the solo costumes.  Please refer to a teacher about the latest costume guidelines.

CLRG Costume and Make-up Rules as of October 2015

Additional CLRG Costume Resources

**NOTE: There is no longer a Mid-America costume restriction for u8 and u9 dancers, but please still contact Rebecca before purchasing any costumes.