Brady Campbell Irish Dance School

Learn from the principal lead dancers from

‘Lord of the Dance’

Patrick Campbell, TCRG

Rebecca Brady-Campbell, TCRG

Also teaching with us:

Bobby Masterson, TCRG

Katie Wenger



Calling All Future Champs!!

Taking new students anytime from

Sept. -May.

Starting at age 4!!


Watch our own Pat Campbell, TCRG

on Diddlyi

*This site is great for all levels of Irish Dancers!!  You must create an account to watch.*


Congratulations to all of our Brady Campbell Dancers whom competed in Minneapolis, Minnesota at our Mid America Oireachtas.  You all did a great job and we are so proud!!

U8: Nolan Kane Elek: 2nd
U9: Seamus McGinty: 4th NQ
U9: Aidan Setta: 7th NQ
U12: Chris Moran: 4th WQ
U15: Caleb Grignon: 2nd WQ
U18: Alex Pratt: 4th WQ
U8: Caitlin Fox: 21st
U9: Emma Fox: 8th NQ
U9: Bella Burke: 14th NQ
U9: Charlie Brady Campbell: 21st NQ
U10: Mary Elise McEwen: 47th
U10: Samantha Patton: 49th
U11  Aislinn Kane Elek: 8th WQ
U11: Reagan Timko: 13th WQ
U11: Clare Fox: 20th NQ
U11: Meghan Novak: 41st
U12: Lizzie McGuire: 41st
U14: Abby Smith: 38th
U20: Haley Castelle: 2nd WQ
Traditional sets:
U10: Julia Grignon: 61st
U11: Shannon McGinty: 21st
U11: Connor Keast: 66th
U12: Vivi Menyhart: 10th
U12: Liam Brian: 29th
U12: Maire Kelly: 54th
U12: Dermot Fox: 56th
U13: Brandon Patton: 30th
U16: Kiera Keast: 15th
U10 girls: 10th
U15 Mixed: 4th
U12 Choreography: 6th