Brady Campbell Irish Dance School

Learn from the principal lead dancers from

‘Lord of the Dance’

Patrick Campbell, TCRG

Rebecca Brady-Campbell, TCRG

Also teaching with us:

Bobby Masterson, TCRG

Katie Wenger



Calling All Future Champs!!

Taking new students anytime from

Sept. -May.

Starting at age 4!!


Watch our own Pat Campbell, TCRG

on Diddlyi

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Congratulations to our 4 Brady Campbell Dancers who recently competed at the All Scotland Championships in Scotland.

We are so proud!!

Haley C. 21st plcae

Haley C. 21st Place U21


Alex P. 5th Place

Alex P. 5th Place U19

Aislinn K. 28th Place

Aislinn K. 28th Place U12

Nolan K. 4th Place U9

Nolan K. 4th Place U9


Congratulations to all of our Brady Campbell Dancers whom competed in Minneapolis, Minnesota at our Mid America Oireachtas.  You all did a great job and we are so proud!!

U8: Nolan Kane Elek: 2nd
U9: Seamus McGinty: 4th NQ
U9: Aidan Setta: 7th NQ
U12: Chris Moran: 4th WQ
U15: Caleb Grignon: 2nd WQ
U18: Alex Pratt: 4th WQ
U8: Caitlin Fox: 21st
U9: Emma Fox: 8th NQ
U9: Bella Burke: 14th NQ
U9: Charlie Brady Campbell: 21st NQ
U10: Mary Elise McEwen: 47th
U10: Samantha Patton: 49th
U11  Aislinn Kane Elek: 8th WQ
U11: Reagan Timko: 13th WQ
U11: Clare Fox: 20th NQ
U11: Meghan Novak: 41st
U12: Lizzie McGuire: 41st
U14: Abby Smith: 38th
U20: Haley Castelle: 2nd WQ
Traditional sets:
U10: Julia Grignon: 61st
U11: Shannon McGinty: 21st
U11: Connor Keast: 66th
U12: Vivi Menyhart: 10th
U12: Liam Brian: 29th
U12: Maire Kelly: 54th
U12: Dermot Fox: 56th
U13: Brandon Patton: 30th
U16: Kiera Keast: 15th
U10 girls: 10th
U15 Mixed: 4th
U12 Choreography: 6th